Thursday, December 17, 2009

For Effective Design

  1. Communication
  2. Usability
  3. Typography
  4. Navigation
  5. Details
  6. Approach
For me Designing is all about finding the correct solution of a particular problem. That's why I feel most important aspect would be understanding the User and centering everything around him.

» Always! Everything we Design should be easy to use.
» A Design should be Joy to Use. 
» The True challenge of Design, i feel is making something look visually beautiful but combining this with a lot of usability.

» Designing on a Grid, This makes things more Orderly.

» Web Design without typography is like Orange without its peel, its just incomplete.

Navigation is the most important element. I try to make the site content organized into logical sections and that the navigation than reflects this.

» Little things like spacing and buttons
have huge impact on the overall designs.
» I try to take a balanced outlook on the importance of individual and design elements. However, one area I often catch myself obsessing over is color selection.

I usually spends the most amount of time focused on solving
my clients objective. Aesthetically speaking, I tend to get caught up in the subtle of details of design, trying to make everything is "JUST RIGHT"

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